Friday, April 6, 2012

Vanilla Souffle

This is another recipe from Boulestin, adapting a recipe for 6-8 people to one for 3-4 people. For 6-8 people, double the quantities of milk, flour and sugar and use 5 egg yolks and 6 whites. Do not be afraid to check the souffle.

Vanilla Souffle

280 ml milk
vanilla bean
30g plain flour
120g sugar
4 eggs, separated

Bring the milk with the vanilla pod to the boil and keep it hot. Put in a flat saucepan the sifted flour, sugar and three egg yolks. Mix well and add the hot milk, little by little. Cook, whipping well, until it reaches the consistency of thick cream. Let the mixture get cold then add the four egg whites, whipped to a stiff froth. Fill the souffle dishes (lightly buttered and sprinkled with sugar) up to three-quarters and cook in a moderate oven about 10-12 minutes.

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